We have a space!

After a year of searching and a month or so after officially becoming a community interest company, we have found a space.

The space is behind C.W. Autos and Son on Good Street, near the centre of Preston.

It has loads of parking and is in a fairly central location.

The space inside is quite big for our first space.
Also, it has a kitchen and bathroom, with running water.
Running water is a massive thing. Our friends down at the Leigh Hackspace had to suffer through their time at their first space without any running water, so it was a definite "must have" for us.

We are very excited about having the space and being able to hack more frequently as a result.

Since we started gathering just over a year ago, we have had about 40 or so people excited about the prospect of having our own space.

We are planning on starting the move in on Friday evening the 23rd of September and the following Saturday 24th.

We need loads of furniture like desks, workbenches and chairs.

We also need members to sign up, now that we officially have something to sign up for.

If you want to sign up, please fill in our membership form.

If you have furniture we could have, would like to give us a hand, or want to find out more, please get in touch.

You can check out our About page for our contact details, or sign up to our slack team.

Please share this with people who you think would be interested.